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Awarded PhD student, Camilla Cattaneo

Camilla Cattaneo (cycle 32)

Dr. Camilla Cattaneo, who obtained her PhD degree in Food Systems under the supervision of prof. Ella Pagliarini, has been nominated as the Laureate of Giract’s European Best PhD Thesis Flavor Research Award (a.y. 2019-2020) for her research entitled ‘New perspective on taste: exploring association among oral perception, tongue physiology and oral microbiota composition’. The selection was performed by …

Camilla Cattaneo published an innovative sensory science study

Camilla Cattaneo (cycle 32)

Camilla Cattaneo, 3rd-year PhD student of the Food Systems programme at the University of Milan, has recently published in Nature-Scientific Reports some preliminary results regarding her PhD project, carrying out a innovative study in the field of sensory sciences aimed at investigating a possible relationship among taste perception, oral microbiota composition and nutritional intake. Cattaneo, …

Seminar, 17 April 2018

PhD Food Systems

17th April 2018 (16.30, Room “Aula di Biochimica”, Via Celoria 2 – Milan; Faculty of Agricultural and Food Science) Towards integration of computational, sensory and cell-based approaches for studying taste Masha Niv (Institute of Biochemistry, Food Science and Nutrition, The Robert H Smith Faculty of Agriculture, Food and Environment, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel) …

Seminars, 5 July 2017

PhD Food Systems

5th July 2017, 15.00, Room C11, Via Celoria 2 – Milano, Faculty of Agricultural and Food Science Communicating for food waste reduction: investigation of different messages and strategies Valérie Lengard Almli, Nofima (Norway)   Food preferences and taste genetics Mari Sandell, University of Turku (Finland)   Interventions to increase vegetable intake in early childhood; results …

Seminar, 26 January 2017

26th January 2017 (14.30, Aula Maggiore, Via Celoria 2 – Milan; Faculty of Agricultural and Food Science) Taste physiology and food choice Prof. Iole Tomassini Barbarossa Associate Professor of Physiology Department of Biomedical Sciences University of Cagliari, Italy