PhD student profile, Marta Baviera

PhD Student: Marta Baviera (ORCID n. 0009-0007-7157-9645)


Supervisor: Prof. Daniela Fracassetti (DeFENS)

Co-tutor: Prof. Ivano De Noni (DeFENS)

Dean: Prof. Diego Mora

Research area: Food Science and Nutrition

Research topic: Innovative technological and microbial approaches for the sustainable development of the alcoholic beverage industry

Project Synopsis

Red straw wines fall into the “special wines” cathegory and are defined by the International Organization of Vine and Wine as wines produced from grapes subjected to a dehydration-withering process, and therefore not obtained through traditional winemaking techniques.

The general aims of this PhD project are to get a comprehensive understanding of the main productions of Italian red straw wines as well as to exalt their characteristics. The specific objectives include (i) the characterization of straw wines available on the market, (ii) the monitoring of the chemical changes occurring during grape dehydration, (iii) the impact of harvest/duration of dehydration on wine composition and (vi) the amelioration of the aromatic profile. This project will lead to an optimization of the entire winemaking process, from harvest to storage, effectively supporting the winemakers and improving the quality of the Italian straw wines.

Project keywords

Straw wine, grape dehydration, enology, red wine


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