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PhD student profile, Ylenia Zanchetta

Ylenia Zanchetta (cycle 38)

PhD Student: Ylenia Zanchetta (ORCID n. 0000-0002-0551-0101)   Supervisor: Prof. Diego Mora, DEFENS Co-tutor: Prof. Stefania Arioli Tutor aziendale: Dott. Stefano Colombo Dean: Prof. Diego Mora Research area: Food Science and Nutrition   Research topic Probiotics and Food associated microorganisms: ecology, molecular and functional characterization, impact on host health   Project Synopsis The role of …

Journal Club, 10 February 2017

PhD Food Systems

10th February 2017 (14.30, Room 1, Via Celoria 2 – Milan; Faculty of Agricultural and Food Science) Rationale for the protective effects of polyphenol-rich dietary patterns in the elderly Stefano Bernardi (PhD Student, Food Systems) New insights into the obesity phenomenon: perceptive, behavioural and microbiological determinants of weight gain Camilla Cattaneo (PhD Student, Food Systems) Effective replacement in food …

PhD student profile, Elena Maria Colombo

Elena Maria Colombo (cycle 32)

PhD Student: Elena Maria Colombo Tutor: Prof. Matias Pasquali-DeFENS Dean: Prof. Ella Pagliarini Research area: Agri-Environment   Research topic Pathogen informed strategies for sustainable disease management of toxigenic fungi.   Project Synopsis The goal of the research project is to study a historical collection of Streptomyces spp. strains in order to identify activities or molecules able to …

PhD student profile, Mattia Quattrini

Mattia Quattrini (cycle 31)

PhD Student: Mattia Quattrini Tutor: Prof. Maria Grazia Fortina Dean: Prof. Francesco Bonomi Research area: Food Science and Nutrition PhD title achieved on: 18th December 2018   Research topic Development of new systems of bio-preservation for the safety and shelf-life of food   Project Synopsis The aim of the PhD project is the creation of …

Journal Club, 26 February 2016

26th February 2016 (14.00, Room 211, Via Celoria) Zymomonas mobilis: an unique microrganism Chiara Mapelli (PhD Student) 19th February 2016 (15.15, Room 211, Via Celoria) New microbial consortia for the development of new food quality strategies Mattia Quattrini (PhD Student)

Journal Club, 19 February 2016

19th February 2016 (14.15, Room 211, Via Celoria) The physiological and ecological roles of urease activity in Streptococcus thermophilus Giulia Della Scala (PhD Student) 19th February 2016 (15.15, Room 211, Via Celoria) Fungicides: an overview and possible developments Marco Zuccolo (PhD Student)