PhD student profile, Camilla Valli

PhD Student: Camilla Valli (ORCID n. 0000-0001-5796-5768)


Supervisor: Prof. Lucia Cavalca, DeFENS

Co-tutor: Eng. Maurizio Agosta, Nuova Alba S.r.l.

Dean: Prof. Diego Mora

Research area: Agri-Environment

Research topic: Environmental microbiology


Project Synopsis

Groundwater, which represents approximately 99% of all liquid freshwater on Earth, is heavily affected by chloroethene (CE) contamination. The purpose of the project is to study microbial CE reductive dehalogenation and mineralization to increase bioremediation efficacies in order to return clean water to the environment. The case-study is placed at an aquifer site where sequential anaerobic–aerobic permeable reactive biobarries are currently running. In order to achieve the research goals, chemical analyses (GC-MS and GC-FID) will be set up for determining CE biodegradation in different tested conditions and molecular microbial ecology tools will be applied in order to assess the impact of bioremediation interventions on functional biodiversity of aquifer microbiomes.


Project keywords

bioremediation, microbial ecology, environmental microbiology, chloroethenes

Graphical abstract of the PhD project
Graphical abstract of the PhD project


Agricultural and Environmental Microbiology laboratory (AgEM-Lab)

DEFENS- Department of Food, Environmental and Nutritional Sciences

Università degli Studi di Milano

Via Mangiagalli, 25, Milano (MI), 20133




Prof. Giovanni Pietro Beretta

Prof. Marco Masetti

Prof. Daniele Pedretti

Institution: Università degli studi di Milano (UNIMI)

Affiliations: Dipartimento di Scienze della Terra Ardito Desio


Eng. Laura Ferrari

Eng. Giacinto Carnevale

Eng. Fabio De Palma

Institution: Tauw Italia


Eng. Maurizio Agosta

Institution: Nuova Alba S.r.l.


Eng. Andrea Del Frate

Eng. Leandro Moretti

Institution: Edison S.p.a.



Fellowship sponsor: Nuova Alba S.r.l., Università degli Studi di Milano

Project sponsor: Nuova Alba S.r.l., Edison S.p.a., Tauw-Italia





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