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Awarded PhD student, Stefano Bernardi

Stefano Bernardi (cycle 32)

Stefano Bernardi, PhD student in the Food Systems PhD programme (Università degli Studi di Milano), has been awarded the Best Oral Communication at the  XL Congresso Nazionale Società Italiana di Nutrizione Umana (SINU), 27-29th November 2019, in Genoa – Italy. At the conference Stefano has been presenting the JPI-HDHL European project MaPLE, with the speech entitled: “Effetto di una dieta …

Journal Club, 2 February 2018

Friday, Feb 2, Classroom # 304 (Settore Didattico, Via Celoria 20) 14.30     Luce Mattio Polyphenols: chemistry, metabolites and structure-activity relationships 15.15     Francesca Gallotti Application of Pleurotus ostreatus in the design of sustainable functional foods 16.00     Lorenzo Strani Sensing techniques in dairy industry: a PAT approach

PhD student profile, Luce Micaela Mattio

Luce Micaela Mattio (cycle 33)

PhD Student: Luce Micaela Mattio Tutor: Prof. Sabrina Dallavalle – DeFENS Dean: Prof. Ella Pagliarini Research area: Chemistry and Biochemistry Research topic: Sustainable chemistry for the preparation of molecules of agri-food interest   Project Synopsis My PhD project is focused on the preparation of polyphenolic compounds, in particular stilbenoids (resveratrol analogues and dimers) and flavonoids …

Journal Club, 10 February 2017

PhD Food Systems

10th February 2017 (14.30, Room 1, Via Celoria 2 – Milan; Faculty of Agricultural and Food Science) Rationale for the protective effects of polyphenol-rich dietary patterns in the elderly Stefano Bernardi (PhD Student, Food Systems) New insights into the obesity phenomenon: perceptive, behavioural and microbiological determinants of weight gain Camilla Cattaneo (PhD Student, Food Systems) Effective replacement in food …

PhD student profile, Stefano Bernardi

Stefano Bernardi (cycle 32)

PhD Student:  Stefano Bernardi Tutor: Prof. Patrizia Riso, DeFENS Dean: Prof. Francesco Bonomi Research area: Food Science and Nutrition   Research topic Protective role of polyphenol-rich diet in subjects with dysfunctional intestinal barrier and evaluation of dietary bioactives main mechanisms of action   Project Synopsis My PhD project will focus on a dietary intervention study …