PhD student profile, Davide Emide

PhD Student: Davide Emide (ORCID n. 0000-0003-0784-572X)

Davide Emide (cycle 35)


Tutor: Prof. Alberto Barbiroli

Co-tutor: Prof. Stefania Iametti

Dean: Prof. Diego Mora

Research area: Chemistry and Biochemistry

PhD title achieved on: 20th October 2022


Research topic

Molecular determinants of the structural behavior of food-related macromolecules.


Project Synopsis

The project aims at developing methodologies for investigating changes in protein-protein interactions in food protein networks, such as those generated by mechanical treatments (e.g., in dough kneading). 2D-PAGE maps of accessible sulphydryl groups, reactive in thiol-disulfide exchange reactions, will be generated by using specific fluorescent labels on different raw materials (e.g., durum wheat vs soft wheat) at various stages of processing (e.g., before and after kneading). Thiol-specific reactivity will be exploited for covalent capture of proteins on gold nanoparticles, with subsequent identification of captured proteins by MS analysis. Use of nanoparticles of different size will provide insights into the geometric features of various protein networks. The molecular information gathered by either approach – also as a function of the addition of other ingredients (lipids and simple sugars) – will be compared with technologically relevant features (e.g. rheological properties) of finished products and of processing intermediates.


Project keywords

thiol-disulfide exchange, gold nanoparticles, fluorescent probes, food protein networks



DeFENS – Division of Chemical and Biomolecular Sciences

Via Celoria 2, 20133 Milano – Italy



Prof. Pasquale Ferranti, DSA, Napoli

Dr. Gianfranco Mamone, ISA-CNR, Avellino

Prof. Alessandra Marti, DeFENS, Milano

Dr. M. Dolores del Castillo, Spanish National Research Council (CSIC), Madrid, Spain



Fellowship sponsor: Università degli Studi di Milano



Bresciani, A., Iametti, S., Emide, D., Marti, A., & Barbiroli, A. (2021). Molecular features and cooking behavior of pasta from pulses. Cereal Chemistry, 00, 1 5.


Communications to congresses

D. Emide, C. Magni, S. Iametti, A. Marti, F. Sestili, D. Lafiandra, E. Botticella and A. Barbiroli, Molecular information for addressing climate changes (and consumers demands): wheat proteins, 61st SIB Congress, 2021, Virtual Meeting (Poster, selected for an oral presentation)

D. Emide, F. Bonomi, C. Nitride, P. Ferranti, L. Polito, S. Iametti, A. Barbiroli, Assessing the geometrical features of protein-protein interactions in gluten, International Conference on FOODOMICS, 6th edition, Cesena, Italy (Oral communication)

D. Emide, A. Barbiroli, F. Bonomi, S. Iametti, Nuovi approcci metodologici allo studio delle interazioni tra proteine in matrici complesse: applicazioni al network proteico di cereali, 12° Convegno AISTEC, CEREALI E SCIENZA: ambiente, globalizzazione e comunicazione, Portici (NA), Italy (Congress postponed due to the Covid-19 emergency)


Training Experiences

Participation at the CS-ThAnMa – Short cycle Course on Thermal Analysis – 3-10 October 2021 – Nicosia, Cyprus

Participation at the Lake Como School of Advanced Studies: “Novel approaches to the food-health relationship: from molecules to sociotypes” – 19-22 October 2021 – Como, Italy



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