PhD student profile, Eleonora Loffredi

PhD Student: Eleonora Loffredi (ORCID n. 0000-0003-3523-5777)

Eleonora Loffredi

Supervisor: Prof. Cristina Alamprese – DeFENS

Dean: Prof. Diego Mora

Research area: Food Science and Nutrition


Research topic

Multidisciplinary approaches to the study of multi-phase foods as delivery systems for bioactive compounds


Project Synopsis

The recent trend in researching new emulsion-based delivery systems for food enrichment has brought to the development of new interesting multi-phase matrices, such as double, gel, and Pickering emulsions. After an accurate literature survey on the topic, the project aims to study the effects of the composition and process technologies on the structure of these systems. To the aim, Design of Experiments techniques will be applied, and the optimization will be performed by means of the Response Surface Methodology and the desirability function. The optimized emulsion systems will be used for delivering free and encapsulated bioactive compounds obtained from food processing by-products. In vitro studies of nutritional properties of the emulsions and of bioactive compound release will be performed. In the end, the optimized enriched emulsion systems will be used in the preparation of food products.


Project keywords

Emulsion, enriched-product, food technology, bioactive compounds



DeFENS – Department of Food, Environmental and Nutritional Sciences

Università degli Studi di Milano

Via Mangiagalli 25, Milan (MI), 20133, 4th floor



Fellowship sponsor: Università degli Studi di Milano



Loffredi, E., Moriano, M. E., Masseroni, L. & Alamprese, C. Effects of different emulsifier substitutes on artisanal ice cream quality. LWT 137, 110499 (2021).

Loffredi, E., Grassi, S. & Alamprese, C. Spectroscopic approaches for non-destructive shell egg quality and freshness evaluation: Opportunities and challenges. Food Control 129, 108255 (2021).



Alamprese, C., Loffredi, E. & Grassi, S. Development of a Diffuse Reflectance FT-NIR Spectroscopy Method for the Shell Egg Quality Assessment. NIR Italia Online 2021. February 24-25



Loffredi, E., Grassi, S., Alamprese, C. Non-destructive prediction of shell egg quality by near-infrared spectroscopy. 26th World Poultry Congress – Online.

Multidisciplinary nature of Loffredi’s project


Work packages of Loffredi’s project



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