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PhD student profile, Sara Basiglio

Sara Basiglio (cycle 39)

PhD Student: Sara Basiglio (ORCID n. 0009-0002-7132-2624) Supervisor: Prof. Elena Sara Crotti, DeFENS Co-tutor: Prof. Francesca Mapelli, DeFENS Dean: Prof. Diego Mora Research area: Agri-Environment Research topic: Environmental microbiomes: characterization and biotechnological exploitation.   Project Synopsis: Insects harbour a complex gut microbiota, which play essential roles for host biology and physiology. They can be exposed …

Advanced Course, February 2017

PhD Food Systems

In the frame of the teaching activities of the Food Systems PhD Programme an advanced course is planned as follows:   Environmental microbiomes: from microbial ecology to ecosystem services (18 hrs) Microbial ecology and systems microbiology: theories and methodologies (Prof. Sara Borin) 2nd February 2017 (Room C05; 14.00-17.00)   Plant microbiome and plant growth promotion (Dr. Francesca …

PhD student profile, Matteo Callegari

Matteo Callegari (cycle 30)

PhD Student: Matteo Callegari Tutor: Elena Sara Crotti – Department of Food, Environmental and Nutritional Sciences (DeFENS) Dean: Francesco Bonomi Research area: Agri-Environment PhD title achieved on: 21st December 2017   Research topic Plant, insect and soil microbiome: characterization and biotechnological exploitation (Prof. Borin, Dr. Crotti, Prof. Daffonchio; added on 2015)   Project Synopsis The …