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International Meeting, 13-15 September 2017


The Institute of Metals in Biology of Grenoble (IMBG) organizes in September 2017 its 7th biannual International Meeting that will be dedicated to “Metallic nanoparticles: health, environment, applications and safer-by-design”. The 7th IMBG International Meeting will be held in Villard-de-Lans, a village located close to Grenoble. The meeting will take place from the 13th to …

Seminar, 18 February 2016

18th February 2016 (9.30, Meeting Room, 3rd floor, Bldg. 21500; Via Celoria 2 – Milan; Faculty of Agricultural and Food Science) Metal nanoparticles: synthesis, properties and use for SERS detection of natural compounds Dr. Chiara Zaffino Department of CHEMISTRY UNIVERSITA’ DEGLI STUDI DI MILANO

Seminar, 16 February 2015

16th February 2015 (15.30, Hall C11; Via Celoria 2 – Milan; Faculty of Agricultural and Food Science) Polymer-Metal nanocomposites: an effective tool as a catalyst for synthesis of bio-active heterocyclic compounds and other applications Prof. Vasant V Chabukswar Department of Chemistry, Nowrosjee Wadia College, Pune, India