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Seminar, 11 September 2018

PhD Food Systems

11th September 2018 (10.30, Room “Aula di Biochimica”, Building 21040, Via Celoria 2 – Milan) Enhancement of antifungal activity of essential oils for food contact materials made from plants Narumol Matan (School of Agricultural Technology, University of Walailak, Thailand)

PhD student profile, Elisa Rocchi


PhD Student: Elisa Rocchi Tutor: Laura Piazza – DeFENS Dean: Francesco Bonomi Research area: Food Science and Nutrition PhD title achieved on: 18th December 2018   Research topic Recovery of agri-food byproducts for the development of novel foods.   Project Synopsis This project aims to promote vegetal materials, recovered from agro/food wastes, as new solutions in …