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Thesis Defense XXX Cycle (round 1), 21 December 2017

PhD Food Systems

Thesis Defense XXX Cycle (round 1) December 21st, 2017 (Aula Levi, Via Valvassori Peroni 21, Milano)   PROGRAM OUTLINE   10.00   Welcome notes   10.15-11.00  Opening lecture: Giovanna Felis (Department of Biotechnology, Università di Verona) Evolution of lactobacilli taxonomy: implications for food labeling   11.00-12.30  Presentations by candidates: Lorenzo Vergani Bioremediation of a polychlorinated biphenyl (pcb) …

PhD student profile, Federica Valdetara

Federica Valdetara (cycle 30)

PhD Student:  Federica Valdetara Tutor: Prof. Roberto Carmine Foschino Co-tutor: Dr. Ileana Vigentini – DeFENS Dean: Prof. Francesco Bonomi Research area: Food Science and Nutrition PhD title achieved on: 21st December 2017   Research topic Wine spoilage by Brettanomyces bruxellensis: molecular and physiological investigation on enzymatic activities involved in ethyl phenols production   Project Synopsis …