Advanced courses, upcoming in February 2023!

Abc of videocommunication in science: filming methods to learn the method (Matias Pasquali, 3 CFU, 15 hours). Planned for February-May 2023.
Insects vs Humans: the fil rouge of odours perspection (Daniela Lupi, 2 CFU, 10 hours). Planned for February 2023.
Advanced methods in the characterization of macromolecules in food systems (Alberto Barbiroli, 3 CFU, 15 hours). Planned for February 2023.
Microbial Food Biotechnologies (Stefania Arioli, 3 CFU, 15 hours). Planned for February 2023.
Sustainability Concepts in Food Technology – Methodological Approaches and Case Studies (Vera Lavelli, 4 CFU, 20 hours). Planned for February 2023.

For details visit the page dedicated to the courses


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