Laboratory of molecular analysis

The division is equipped with some labs to perform molecular analysis of DNA, RNA and proteins. There are BioHazard cabinets, thermal-cyclers, Real Time PCRs, microcentrifuges, equipment for electrophoresis of nucleic acids / proteins, PFGE, hybridizers, microplate readers, gel images analyzer and relevant software for data elaboration.

Laboratory of microbiology

The division is equipped with some labs to perform microbiological analysis of food faecal and environmental samples and chemical analysis of microbial metabolites. There are BioHazard cabinets, incubators, shakers, sonicators, spectrophotometers, centrifuges, peristaltic homogenizers, air samplers, HPLC with UV, IR and fluorescence detectors.

Laboratory of flow cytometry

The lab is equipped with a flow cytometer C6 Accuri (BD) and a fluorescence microscope (Zeiss) for the determination of the following parameters: i) cell concentration of microbial cultures and human cell lines; ii) evaluation of the physiological state of microbial cells through the use of fluorescent probes for the determination of the membrane potential, the integrity of the cell membrane and through the measurement of intracellular enzyme activities; iii) measurement of the intracellular pH; iv) assessing the efficiency of the cell detoxification system.

Laboratory of cell culture

The lab is equipped with a semi-automated system that operates in sterile environment for the preparation of microbial cultures in microplates from 96 to 384 wells. The platform consists of a robotic system for dispensing liquids, spectrophotometers for microplate reading able to measure and record the main kinetic parameters associated with microbial growth and a fluorimeter for microplate reading and measuring of kinetic metabolism through fluorescent or luminescent reporter systems.

Laboratory pilot fermentations

The lab is equipped for the optimization of fermentative processes in liquid culture under controlled conditions. Thera are STR bioreactors from 1 L to 20 L equipped with control systems for temperature, pH, dissolved oxygen, agitation, aeration (air admission or nitrogen), foam sensors, through dedicated software for data acquisition and elaboration. There are peristaltic pumps for setting up processes in fed-batch and continuous mode.

Laboratory of applied biocatalysis

The lab has all the necessary tools for basic molecular biology, organic and analytical chemistry (including few chiral GC and HPLC columns). Reactors for flow chemistry are available within a collaboration with the lab of prof. Paola Conti (DISFARM).