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PhD student profile, Irene Locatelli

Irene Locatelli (cycle 39)

PhD Student: Irene Locatelli (ORCID n. 0009-0005-3811-8287)   Supervisor: Dr. Silvia Grassi, DeFENS Co-tutor: Prof. Susanna Buratti, DeFENS Dean: Prof. Diego Mora Research area: Food Science and Nutrition Research topic: Green and fast e-sensing methodologies for Process Analytical Technology and food quality assessment and authentication Project Synopsis Currently, 25-30% of the worldwide food production is …

PhD student profile, Lorenzo Strani

Lorenzo Strani (cycle 33)

PhD Student: Lorenzo Strani   Tutor: Ernestina Casiraghi, DeFENS Dean: Prof. Ella Pagliarini Research area: Food Science and Nutrition   Research topic Sensing technologies for characterization and authentication of food products   Project Synopsis The project wants to answer the dairy industry needs for an improvement of processes and methods. Thus, the main purpose is to …