PhD student profile, Gvantsa Shanshiashvili

PhD Student: Gvantsa Shanshiashvili (ORCID n. 0000-0002-7272-6180)

Supervisor: Prof. Daniela Fracassetti

Dean: Prof. Diego Mora

Research area: Food Science and Nutrition


Research topic

Improving the grape pressing for a sustainable wine production chain (Grape Press 4.0)


Project Synopsis

The improvement and optimization of grape pressing are pivotal for obtaining white wine with balanced chemical and sensory characteristics, presence of varietal aromas and their precursors, and for the preservation of the desired particularities during the shelf life. This PhD project aims to gain more detailed knowledge concerning the impact of pressing on must composition based on the characteristics of both grape and wine. Specifically, suitable chemical and/or physical markers will be identified allowing the fine-tuning of pressing cycle conditions related to the available raw material. Predictive methods will be applied for the overall overview of must composition and find out the pressing conditions leading to the best performances for the winemaking. Wine with limited use of chemicals and minimal intervention will be produced with must obtained with the optimized pressing conditions increasing the sustainability of the wine production chain and the precision enology.


Project keywords

Pressing, grape, wine, sustainability, winemaking control



Università degli Studi di Milano

Department of Food, Environmental and Nutritional Sciences (DeFENS)

Via Mangiagalli 25, 20133 Milan



Dr. Stefania Mazzini, DeFENS, University of Milan, Italy

Prof. Ileana Vigentini, DeFENS, University of Milan, Italy

Prof. Antonio Tirelli, DeFENS, University of Milan, Italy

Prof. David Jeffery, University of Adelaide, Australia



Fellowship sponsor: Programma Operativo Nazionale (PON) “Ricerca e Innovazione” 2014-2020 – Action IV.5 “Doctorates on green topics”; Oenoitalia s.r.l.


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