PhD student profile, Tommaso Bellesia

PhD Student:  Tommaso Bellesia (ORCID n. 0000-0002-1530-765X)


Supervisor: Stefano Farris – PackLab

Dean: Prof. Diego Mora

Research area: Food Science and Nutrition


Research topic

Active and intelligent coating systems for sustainable food packaging materials


Project Synopsis

In this project proposal, we will focus on the development of a new class of cellulosic materials that exhibit simultaneous environmental performance and outstanding functional properties to be used for food packaging applications. Toward this goal, we will use cellulose microfibrils (MFCs) obtained from the parental macro-sized cellulose as a residue or waste of the agri-food industry or as a scrap of the manufacturing process of cellulosic materials at industrial level. MFCs will be used both as additive of the main cellulosic network or as a filler of a biocomposite coating deposited on the surface of the cellulosic substrate. The proposed project can represent a step forward for the generation of a new class of cellulosic materials.


Project keywords

Food Packaging, cellulose, bioplastics, circular economy



Department of Food, Environmental and Nutritional Sciences – DeFENS

Via Celoria, 2 – 20133 Milan (MI)


Phone: +39 02503 16654



Prof. Diego Romano – UNIMI/DeFENS – Bioprocess and Biocatalysis Division



Fellowship sponsor: Programma Operativo Nazionale “Ricerca e Innovazione” 2014-2020 – Action IV.5 “Doctorates on green topics” (PON); Fedrigoni S.p.A.

Project sponsor: Fedrigoni S.p.A.


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